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Potts, Christopher

Potts, Christopher

Christopher Andrew Potts

Partner, Crump & Co

Years of Experience: 42

Years in current position: 36

Previous Firms

  • 1981-present: Crump & Co
  • 1975-81, Norton Rose Botterell & Roche
  • 1973-75, Crossman Block & Keith

Career Highlights:

Devising strategies to resolve complex, often high profile cases on behalf of clients.

Professional Interests:

Hands-on involvement in case handling and practice management.

Areas of Practice:

Aviation; Shipping; Transport; Insurance; Claims and Recoveries; Carriage of Passengers and Goods; Casualty Investigation; Personal Injury; Pleasure Craft; Risk Management; Litigation; Dispute Resolution.

Jurisdictions: Hong Kong; England & Wales

Language: English

Published Works or Articles / Professional Positions:

  • Numerous
  • Hong Kong Correspondent, Lloyd's Maritime & Commercial Law Quarterly
  • Hong Kong Correspondent, DMC's Shipping and Insurance Law Case Notes

Place of Birth: Kendal, Cumbria, England


Legal practice, Flying (PPL), Boating, Walking, Technical Diving (TDI Advanced Wreck Diver), Keeping Fit, Hong Kong, the English Lake District, Property Development Projects, Motorcycling

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