Solicitors' Role

The term “solicitor” is often associated with many interesting and perhaps old-fashioned concepts: wigs, law libraries filled with large books, refined conversations in perfect Queen’s English held over traditional three course lunches… and the list goes on.

In the modern day, a lot of legal information is freely available on the internet. In addition, there are many companies offering quasi-legal services which may give the impression that they can save you money. So, why instruct us?

As solicitors, we are trusted and regulated advisers. We are highly educated and specialised legal professionals, all of whom have had to endure several years of intensive higher education exams before qualification. But learning does not stop there. Our obligation to undertake continuing professional development courses applies upon qualification and ensures that we stay up-to-date with the law. Furthermore, qualification is not simply subject to intellectual ability. All solicitors must be fit and proper to practise law, essentially meaning that we must maintain good character.

We provide legal and commercial judgements, not merely awareness of the law and legal procedures. Within the legal profession, we have developed our own expertise in chosen areas of law and across specific industries. As officers of the court, we are bound to promote the effective operation of the law and to serve your best interests. We therefore have a duty to assist you in achieving your legal objectives and, in the process, help you save money. We also belong to one of very few professions which are legally entitled to hold clients’ money, subject to strict obligations, in a separate client account.

There are key duties prescribed by governing law societies which are designed to protect your best interests. This means that you can enjoy certain rights through instructing us which you would not otherwise enjoy. The duty of confidentiality remains at the core of the relationship between us and our clients. All communications between us and our clients are confidential and we must not disclose those communications to any third parties, including the court, without your consent. You can therefore take comfort in the knowledge that you can fully disclose your matter to us for the purpose of asking for advice and solutions, even before any official engagement terms are agreed.

We are also bound by the duty to be impartial. We always act independently, with integrity and in the best interests of our clients. We never act for another client in a matter who has a conflicting interest against our existing clients, and this prevents us having a conflict of interest.

Finally, our clients are covered by the Hong Kong Law Society’s professional indemnity scheme. This covers professional negligence and any genuine claims against us as professional advisors. Whilst professional mistakes are rare, the added advantage of instructing solicitors, as opposed to companies offering quasi-legal services, is that you are covered by the Law Society’s scheme and therefore indemnified for losses directly caused by us in accordance with our engagement terms.

We have operated as trusted legal advisors in Hong Kong for over 30 years and were one of the very first Hong Kong law firms to enter into the People’s Republic of China market. We believe that our relationships with our clients and knowledge of their businesses enable us to serve their best interests. This continues to be our ethos. Should you require our assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • Creative culture
  • Avoid competitor pitfalls
  • "more for less"/"less  is more"
  • Time cost-based value billing
  • Alternative fee arrangements by agreement
  • Strategic outsourcing to Counsel, Experts, Paralegals, Non-legals
  • Embedded legal knowledge - seniority of principals
  • Flattened pyramid structure
  • Risk management
  • Interface with in-house counsel/institutions-bolt on specialised department
  • Collaborative spirit
  • Emphasis on settlement/mediation/keeping client out of court-pragmatic solutions
  • Expert trusted advisers
  • Supervision of cases handled by other firms